Financial flows become simple and instantaneous. Whether for a FinTech project, the launch of a neobank, or the secure distribution of funds to your customers, creating e-wallets is the solution. Our tailor-made payment programs include e-wallets and prepaid cards for an unlimited real-time experience.

What is an e-wallet ?

An electronic wallet is a digital pocket. Also known under the name of virtual wallet, it is a virtual storage which, like a bank account without being one, will allow you to manage monetary flows (inflows and outflows of money: payments, transfers, refunds ...). Secure and uncapped, it has managed to adapt to any connected medium and allow instant currency exchanges. Your digitized money follows you everywhere.

Advantages of an E-Pay Space e-wallet

Unlimited cantonment

With unlimited caps, lock in funds with no time or volume limit. You manage as many e-wallets as you want.

Immediate availability

Backed by prepaid cards (or any other prepaid support), your e-wallets can transfer the necessary funds in real time.

Virtual IBAN

Each e-wallet can benefit from a European VIBAN to facilitate transfers and simplify reconciliation.

Customised settings

Create automated top-up and transfer rules for hierarchical fund management with complete freedom.

E-wallet to e-wallet transfers

Allow your customers to transfer their money to other virtual wallets that are members of the same program.

E-wallets and payment solutions

Every payment programme is based on transactions and cash flows. In order to further streamline these transfers and electronic exchanges, we can develop your fleet of nominative e-wallets backed by your payment solution. Each holder of an e-wallet will be assigned his “virtual IBAN”. They will be able to make inbound or outbound transfers anywhere and at any time. They will also be able to issue connected payment media such as prepaid cards and thus have access to their funds in real time.

Examples of tailor-made solutions
with e-wallets

If e-wallets, by definition, are digital storages for confining funds, the uses associated with them can be very varied. We adapt to each project.

E-wallets and prepaid cards

Your e-wallets will be able to supply connected payment media, in particular rechargeable payment cards. Each holder of an e-wallet will be able to reload their cards in real time and use their funds instantly in store, withdraw money from an ATM or make an online purchase.

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