Contactless mobile payment

Coming soon : Bank cards tokenisation on mobile

Mobile becomes a payment medium

The virtualization of payments as well as the explosion in the use of personal terminals as payment media is becoming essential. Mobile is centralizing more and more services and concentrating an exponential part of the shopping experience, whether online or in store. Allow your customers to pay contactless with their mobile phones thanks to tokenized prepaid cards.

Prepaid cards and mobile payments

Cards digitization

Digitize your prepaid cards within mobile payment applications (wallet).


Take advantage of a complete mobile tokenization platform, including card enrollment and payment security. .

Prepaid Cards

Issue scannable E-Pay Space cards on your mobile.


Make NFC mobile payment easier for your users thanks to HCE (Host Card Emulation) technology.

Echanger sur votre projet

Vous avez un projet de solution de paiement incluant la tokenisation mobile, des cartes prépayées ou des e-wallets ? Nos experts sont là pour étudier votre futur programme et vous soumettre une étude.