Neo-finance for everyone

Our only limit is your imagination.
We go further than the banking standards by adding to their financial expertise a high value-added technological knowledge. This Fintech know-how, acquired for more than 10 years, allows us to design and implement new intelligent financial solutions by integrating into your environment. We are your Programme Manager, we create payment programmes to your image.


French new generation Fintech

As a Fintech (or Financial technology), we combine state-of-the-art tools with financial expertise to develop customised payment programmes, also known as "Bank as a Service" or "Online Light Banking". Our programmes are based on a proprietary platform that integrates as many complements as necessary for traditional banking usages.

Payment cards
Plastic or Virtual
(virtual account)
Collective pool,
gift cards
Mobile payments,

End to end support

We offer turnkey payment solutions with the ability to delegate regulatory, administrative and technical aspects to our experts.
We are your sole interlocutor to manage the entire project.


Thorough analysis of your needs: we study and define your programme providing you with our expertise.


Solution design: our teams design each stage of your programme according to your specifications.


Legal support: we comply with the regulations and laws in force.


Web sites and applications implementation: we launch ergonomic sites at your image.


Payment products issuance: your customised payment services (white label)


Open API: a set of API allowing smooth and transparent integration of your programme.


Programme Management: you manage, you charge your accounts and your cards freely according to your needs.


Technical support: we support you at each stage of your programme


PaaS : your programme evolves according to your needs.