Unlocking Financial Innovation: Understanding the Role of a BIN Sponsor

In keeping with our other articles on what FinTech is and what a programme manager does, this one will define what a BIN Sponsor is.

Let’s start by defining a BIN:

A Bank Identification Number, or BIN, represents the first 6/8 numbers of the long number sequence on the front of a payment card, forming the Primary Account Number or PAN.

Then, what is a BIN Sponsor?

A BIN Sponsor, also known as a Bank Identification Number sponsor, is essential to the efficient operation of payment card systems. A BIN Sponsor is a financial institution that has the infrastructure and permits required to enable firms without direct access to card networks to accept payments. In a nutshell they serve as the link that joins FinTech firms with the global payments network.

A BIN Sponsor takes care of:

  • BIN Issuance: issues payment cards with a unique BIN to merchants and financial institutions
  • Compliance: ensures payment cards comply with regulations and industry standards
  • Payment Processing: provides services such as transaction processing, fraud detection and prevention, and chargeback management
  • Co-Branding: may issue payment cards under their own brand or under a co-branding arrangement with other organizations


Why do we work with a BIN Sponsor?

  • Streamlined Payment Processing: By working with a BIN Sponsor, our payment infrastrucutre becomes more robust and dependable. Consequently, we can help you efficiently process payments, reduce operational complexities, so you can ultimately focus on your core business activities.
  • Accelerated Time-to-Market: Getting the required licenses and integrating with card networks can be time-consuming and complex. By reaching out to E-Pay Space, you can benefit from our extensive network, enabling you to save time, seize opportunities and stand out from the crowd.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Our aim is to offer you a seamless payment experience, so you can then deliver it to your customers. This includes enabling card acceptance, facilitating transactions, and guaranteeing a smooth and secure payment procedure, all of which will eventually increase client satisfaction and loyalty.

At E-Pay Space, we provide you with the right BIN Sponsor. You don’t have to seek any further and search among different sponsors on the market. We partner with a BIN Sponsor with a proven track record in the industry, demonstrating their reliability, stability, and commitment to excellence.

We ensure that our BIN Sponsor's infrastructure can adapt to meet your business needs supporting your evolving requirements seamlessly.

We go above and beyond to provide your company with the necessary protection, from fraud prevention to risk management and analytics, with the help of the right BIN Sponsor. We mitigate risks so you can build trust with your customers. Contact E-Pay Space today to explore how our wide ecosystem can help you elevate your business to new heights. https://www.epayspace.com/en/contact

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