Charity Associations

Simplified administrative and financial management

Fintech and Associations

Today, financial organization, transparency, cash management, and financial support for beneficiaries are among the main issues encountered by charities. Being supported by a FinTech partner who provides adequate payment tools can be the solution.

Daily costs and expenses

Say STOP to the flow of untraceable and unsecured cash. STOP administrative puzzles to manage your cash flow and payments. Provide your field agents and treasurers with prepaid cards in which you choose the spendable amount.The payment of expenses (travel, accommodation, meals) as well as the payment of suppliers (supplies, materials etc.) become fluid and easy to follow.


Unlimited issuance: order an unlimited number of cards without going through a bank.


Zero overdrafts: use rechargeable cards without the possibility of overdraft, you decide the amounts to load.


Ongoing monitoring: benefit from expense traceability made in the field, in real time.


Centralised administration: load / unload your cards according to your needs and in real time. Block / unlock cards remotely. Track transfers between your accounts from your interface.


Exportable reports: export account and expense reports in pdf, xls and csv formats.


Open APIs: an API set that allows you to integrate seamlessly into your program.


Management by entity: divide your administration into sub-entities (eg: Business Units, regions) with the possibility of delegating financial management to your teams.


Secure and compliant solutions: your data hosted in France on a proprietary infrastructure (maximum security datacenter, tier 4 level), PCI-DSS and RGPD compliant.

Cards for assisted persons

In some cases, it is possible to design payment solutions that aim to provide prepaid cards to beneficiaries. Donations and allowances are loaded onto the cards thus allowing beneficiaries to safely spend the funds without risk of overspending and in total control of the benefactor.